Individual Acts

We can provide cirque-style stage acts. These acts can be performed individually or part of a custom show. The show can be continuous or with breaks in between acts, depending on the client.

Please look below to see which acts we have to offer: 

Magic Quick Change

Mysterious and swift dress changes. You will wonder how she changes her outfits in seconds!  

Juggler "Red Harlequin"

A unique mime juggler that manipulates bouncing rings with artistic agility.   

Contortion "Lady in White"

A beautiful blend of body twisting, stretching, and hand balancing on top of two spinning bar stools.  

Spinning Cube

In this shape manipulation act, the artist spins a large cube above and around himself.  


A girl rotates hula-hoops around different parts of her body. Try to count how many hoops she can spin at one time!  

Magic Jacket

An unsuspecting audience member helps tie up a female performer with rope, only to find out that his jacket will soon disappear. 

Juggler "Mystery Guest"

A masked juggling illusion from a combination of bouncing balls with unique rhythmic motion. 

Comedy "Mannequin & Ballerina"

A mannequin falls in love with a woman from the audience, but the ballerina becomes jealous.  

Juggler "Electric Jester"

A court jester offers an electric performance with LED lighted props.  

Comedy Movie

A mime looks for new actors from the audience to be part of his love story film.  

Rola Bola

A balancing act with metal cylinders and a board. We recommend that you do not try this at home!  

Comedy Bells

Make your guests part of an orchestra with this engaging comedy act.